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In 1995, Helmut Nowak, legendary Austrian drummer and author of many Wolfgang Ambros songs, performed a 1:1 version of his song 'Lemon Tree' on behalf of music publisher Hans Derer – not yet a world hit, but already on the way to it. A name was quickly found: “Instead of the name given by my publisher, ’Garden of Music', I called it the ’Garden of Paradise'." 

In 2000, five years later, the song 'Suzy' was added, also originally by the band 'Foolsgarden'.

In 2010, while browsing through his large music archive, Derer came across a mini disc with the two songs, listened to them, was enthusiastic about their high-end quality and decided to release them on his label, 7music. This was a success: they have been played almost 2 million times only on Spotify to date.

In 2020, however, Helmut Nowak, now happily living as a 'best-ager' on the greek peninsula South Pelion, also experienced goose bumps when he once again heard those 11 pop songs, which together with the musician Tony Georgiou (vocals, string instruments) had composed and recorded between 2012 and 2014. And during a rather random conversation between Helmut’s wife Petra and Hans Derer in the deepest Corona lockdown times, the thought came: “Let’s publish these songs.” Tony agreed right away:” It would be Liv’s wish.” But under what name? Helmut Nowak had the idea: "Why not 'Garden of Paradise'?” Hans Derer agreed: “A wonderful name for wonderful pop music.”

The album 'We 2' contains eleven finely balanced pop jewels, best AoR rock, sung by a brilliant pop singer, recorded by excellent musicians.

The song title 'So Do It' is self-explanatory, all lyrics reflect many years of life experience, life-affirming and marked by optimism, and with the love and enthusiasm to ultimately cope with everything - as in a line of text “love is the key” in the ska reggae crossover song 'How Does It Feel', or the line “we can make this world a better place” in the song 'Where There Is Love'. 'Wise' is a tribute to Tony‘s father, and 'No Regrets' addresses positive outlook - you can look at yourself in the mirror and stand by your life choices. And somehow it’s all about love, from disappointment in 'Not Make Sense', the end of love in 'Let It Burn', 'Love and Loss' and 'Leave' to finding love in 'loVeu2', and being there for the ones you love in 'Believe In Me', the love for one’s partner, the family, for one’s neighbour and of life in general. The album includes both catchy, dance pop/rock songs and bluesy ballads.

Be ready to sing along!

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